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We are deeply honored to receive this Award from @adesigncompetition 

Gift the Art of Luxury

Gifting is more than just a kind gesture, it can also be a thrilling experience for both the gifter and the receiver. As the pioneer of luxury gift, AURUM adds the golden touch to create an exceptional gifting experience.


Our signature product AURUM Edible Gold Gift Set is the most exclusive marriage of art and luxury. Our award-winning packaging design brings you artistic visual enjoyment before the grand reveal. What hides behind this piece of art is the puriest 23.75k genuine edible gold. Each gift set comes with a bespoke tweezer for precise decoration of different cuisines.


With our specially-curated boxes of gold, you decide on how the beauty is to be appreciated. Let your gourmet dinner, cozy meal, sweet treat or wine becomes your canvas, and enjoy the luxury in a new golden way!

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