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About Us

Our Story

Everything started in the 1980’s. We are a family-owned business with 40 years of experience in manufacturing and the application of genuine gold leaves.


With its special qualities of shininess and rareness, genuine gold leaves are traditionally used in prestigious temples to represent the followers’ loyalty and dedication to God. The pureness, meaning 99% gold content, of the leaves means that the colour and sparkles can stand the effects of time and weather, and hence
showing power and eternity.


The renowned nature of the precious metal has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. Gold-infused skincare products; gold-platted electronic devices; even real gold leaf desserts have gone viral on social media. As one of the leading companies in the industry, we believe it is time to bring things forward and to truly connect the world with the beauty of the exquisite ingredient.

And that’s why AURUM is created.

We are committed to delivering luxurious enjoyment to you in a new golden way!


  • Indulge our customers in the irreplaceable experience through innovation

  • Transform gold leaf to luxury products through innovative product design

  • Pioneer new possibilities with genuine gold leaf

‘‘ Innovation distinguishes between an entrepreneur and a businessman.’’

I set this quote as the background of my computer to remind myself the importance of being innovative. We are living in such a commoditized world with excess supply, tight demand and shrinking profit margin. It is almost impossible to differentiate yourself when everyone can get similar products from around the world within five minutes simply by tapping on their smart phones. Many companies, especially those with a long history, found it extremely difficult to grow and develop new products.

To seize new growth, we need to push the boundaries by ‘creating’.


Innovation is key. Here at AURUM we only do things that has never been done before. Instead of just stealing slices from our rivals out of the existing market pie; we aim to create our own new sphere and widen the boundaries of the genuine gold leaf industry. We are here to create something exclusive and unprecedented to surprise you and your loved ones.


The good thing of being innovative is that it keeps you motivated. Nothing makes me happier than seeing customers being ‘wow-ed’ by our products!


Have fun and enjoy!

Anson Lai

Founder of AURUM

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