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  • The AURUM family is expanding with a new mini version.


    The design of AURUM Mini is inspired by the little gifts in banquets. It is the most luxurious golden surprise for your distinguished guests in parties and banquets.


    Inside the mini gift set is full of pure 23.75k genuine gold flakes, and also a bespoke gold leaf tweezer so you can enjoy the experience of decorating gourmet with genuine gold anytime, anywhere.


    AURUM Mini keeps AURUM’s signature stamping gold design. The delicate design exudes elegance and refined simplicity. This adorably compact gift is perfect to slip into a mini-bag or pocket.


    The distinctive design of AURUM Mini adds a dash of elegance to the chic mini gift. It demonstrates AURUM’s prowess in crafting genuine gold. AURUM Mini is the essence of AURUM style: a unique marriage of luxury and elegance.




    Product specification:

    Size: 74(L) x 74(W) x 24.5(H)mm

    Ingredients: Gold - 99% (23.75k)

    Silver - 0.5%

    Copper - 0.5%

    Volume: 25mg

    Storage: Room temperature, avoid wind and moisture

    *Tweezer included

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